Javelina Jundred 2022

This chart displays the number of minutes each runner is behind the leader of the race an any given time checkpoint. Dotted lines mean there was a missing data point.

Dakota Jones 12:58:02
Jonathan Rea 13:05:58
Arlen Glick 13:25:48
Brett Hornig 13:45:00
Nick Coury 13:52:42
Bobby Herrington 15:03:13
Nathan Moody 15:22:07
Patrick Reagan 15:44:28
Joe Corcione 16:36:24
Stefan Pracht 17:09:25
Charles Castonguay 17:10:21
Nick Leach 18:03:31
Mark Hammond 18:19:44
Owen Thornton 18:44:42
Benjamin Lesueur 18:48:54
Mark Wooten 18:54:45
Nicolas Deguines 19:00:16
Steven Carr 19:01:40
Christopher Wang 19:06:23
Kadon Hintz 19:10:28
Bastien-Olivier Hammond 19:55:29
William Mitchell 20:57:54
George Cyrus 26:35:38
Jacob Puzey (DNF)
Matt Daniels (DNF)
Alex Wright (DNF)
Christian Stern (DNF)
Eli White (DNF)
Steven Cornelius (DNF)
Keith Laverty (DNF)
Jeremy Pope (DNF)
Cody Logan (DNF)
Jimmie Strahorn (DNF)
Jamaal Ryan (DNF)
David Deaton (DNF)